Instrumental Scores

Xpresso '19
Fencing Schönberg '19
Its Mirror '13
Peeping Tom (YouTube) '88
Seven For Piano '17
Cartwheels '04
Rivus '05
Dam Patch, Dog Barking '12
Cycling China '10
Close, then Far '10

Live Improvisation

Audio Sets and Projected Video
for Live Performance '18

Live Audio|Video
Sleight of Hand (video) '18
8up|9 '18
Taking Sides (video) '18
5|6w/5 '18
T Station Drive By (video) '18
Clark Street, Before Dawn '18
New Skates '18
9up|9+9up|1 '18

Vocal WorksLFrag

The Never Close '10 (YouTube)
The Lucky Life '19
Chiclet Church '19
The Great Migration '19
Clara Bell '19
Echo Chase '09
Micro-Dramatic Songs II '10
Four Psalms Modal '16
Mass for Heavy Rail '10

Gamelyde Scores

I Ching In Sound '16
Just After, Looking Back '10
Puppenklinik '14
Cycling China: Ikea Bowls '10
Cycling China: Gamelyde 1

Cycling China: Gamelyde 2

Cycling China: Gamelyde 3

score for above 4 works...

Field Recordings

Prague, Czech Republic
Wenceslas Polyglot
Břevnov Dog & Ice Cream Truck
Prague Cafe Ambience
Blind Man and Tram


Kinetic Sound Installation

LyconBinatorio '19
reSiting, The Catacombs... '96
Catacombs of Yucatan '95
Kinetic Cowboy '16
Not Random, Just Complex '14
Against a Hard Surface '11
m.e.s.s.a.g.e. '97
Puppenklinik '14
Cycling China '10
Drumming with Thoreau '09
Twisted Pairs, Expanding '08
Fanning Rejection '08
Twelve Huffa Birds, Headless '08
Air Lift, Lilt with Traffic '08
Huffa Puffa '07
Many Prickly Pairs '07
Vertical Lyre w/Prague Bubbles
Fenced Penduling w/Pigs...
Many Pairs Sounding
Odradek Complex
The Sound Art of Dan Senn
Surface to Air
Uncovered States
Waves of Grain
Son et Lumiere
Catacomb Memories 1
Catacomb Memories 2
Now + Then
Stedelijk Performance Installation

The Obedient Woman


Sound Sculpture

Two Surflings '16
Scrapercussion Nine '92
Over 'lyre '06
Scrapercussion 1977-92
Pendulum Instruments
Vertical Penduling

Vertical 'lyre II
Tulips Amidst Too Lips
Mirrored Surfling
Plumes 1, 2, 3
Too Lips
Canopy 'lyres
Corner 'lyre
Simple Penduling
Flutterbye Five
Too Flutter
Bipolar Birdcage
Shmoos Harp
Fayfer Harp

Works for Dance

Just After, Looking Back (above)
On a Long Thin Table '10
Dam Patch, Dog Barking '12
Mass for Heavy Rail '08
Caged '80


I Ching In Sound
A graphic representation of the
Book of Changes in Sound
as designed for Dan's Lyde
Instruments. Includes
performances of
64 Lycons (Hexagrams)
by the composer plus
40 LyconBinates.

See Lyde Notation

Performance Texts
The Lucky Life '19
Chiclet Church '19
Piccadily '19
The Great Migration '19
Breezy's '19
Turtle Tottle Dens '19
Lillie Lou '18
Tipping Crooks '09
Clara Bell '19
Echo Chase '09
Peeping Tom '89
Waiting for Pizza '19

International Space Bands

Facebook, Eindhoven
Den Bosch
, Munster
Prague, Idaho
, Portland

Misc. Writings
Pendulum-based Instruments, Percussive Video, Sound Art, and the Permanence of Ephemeral Public Art.
The Catacombs of Yucatan Sound
and Video Installation
Systems for Non-linear Instruments
and Notation
The Raku Composition Program
Cyclical Motion: Ten Truisms
Echofluxx Media Festivals

Installation Scores

Vertical Lyre w/Prague Bubbles
Patty Quake
Uncovered States

Other Instruments

Scrapercussion #9, (below)
Tacoma, WA 1992